Why is mothering such a struggle these days, why is it often referred to as the “hardest, most unrewarding job on the planet”?


  • Mothers these days are bombarded with an overload of contradictory information. Everyone is telling a mother how to raise her children, frequently telling her she is doing it wrong. All of which makes it very hard for a mother who hasn’t yet learned to hear her own inner guidance and develop her own relationship with it and her child, to know what information is helpful and what is stressful and confidence eroding.
  • For the last several generations women, more and more, have been trained out of relying on their feminine gifts in favour of masculine traits. It’s all through our culture, our schooling system, our medical system and our workforce. Women have not only not had a chance to strengthen and develop their own innate feminine gifts, they are likely to have actually never even seen what their gifts look like.
  • Modern mothers are isolated in the modern nuclear family model.  It is common to have never held a newborn before you hold your own, and mothers typically have little or no natural ongoing mentorship or woman’s support.  Especially support that is in alignment with their own mothering values.

As mothers in today’s society what we need to do is:

  1. Reconnect with the powerful feminine side of our nature, so that we can more strongly access our own inner guidance, our instincts and a whole suite of gifts and skills that are ours, and all women’s birthright. These skills of our true essence, innate to women, are the keys to our mother superpowers (and they are not submissive or timid). It is from this feminine energy perspective that we also free up our time and create space for ourselves and other areas of our lives.
  2. Become conscious and clear on how we want to turn up as a mother for our children, our values, our core desires and goals
  3. Acquire a toolkit of skills and techniques to help us parent, that are in alignment with our values and are easy to access in the moment so that we can bring our actions into alignment with our vision of who we want to be as a mother.
  4. Maintain an ongoing system of self care (that is not the same as “me” time) that allows us to become and remain grounded, calm and centered with energy and in balance. Without this in place we can not truly be the mother we want to be.
  5. Stay in community and relationship with mothers who share similar values for motherhood.