What does coaching look like, how does it work?

Ok if you are new to the idea of coaching, a coach is someone who supports, sometimes gently guides, offers you the advantage of somone who is sharing your journey with you but with the different perspective of someone outside of the “emotion”.

They communicate honestly when they see things that could be brought to your attention, they share with you their experiences and perspectives as learning examples, they offer knowledge, resources, processes.

They also offer ongoing encouragement, they celebrate every win with you no matter how small, they hold a higher vision of you (and they see it more easily, not enmeshed in emotion) and they help keep you aligned to it.

Each coach has a different style for delivering these elements. From me you’ll receive sisterhood, kinship, sacred space, you’ll be heard, and acknowledged.  I’ll give you inspiration, encouragement, belief in you, I’ll hold you to your higher vision.

I’ll help you reach for clarity, connection, honesty, growth, love, joy. I’ll also share my  experiences, I’ll offer up any resources or knowledge I have that will help you with your goals. I’ll offer processes, and systems to make the journey easier.

I’ll also gently hold you to your intents, I’ll point out honestly where things might not be congruent and I’ll offer accountability – a witness to your intentions.

What it looks like in action: It’s face to face if you come on any of the retreats.  It’s typically some combination of skype calls if you are doing group coaching, typically weekly or fortnightly and if you are doing private one-to-one coaching then typically its a weekly skype or phone call for 30-45min depending on the package.

What happens in a session?

In group coaching its often a mix of content and processes I’ll share with you, and coaching circles where everyone can ask for space and coaching in the circle.  Sometimes group programs also have an additional one-to-one program for each woman built in, in that case you may also have a 30min call once a fortnight. Typically group coaching is a blend of content, processes and women’s circles.

One-to-one sessions are private. The session intent is decided by you, you bring what you want to focus on to the call. Sometimes we may be working on a couple of ongoing issues and we typically check in to see how you went with things that came up from last session. However we work in the moment for the most part, working with where you are at and what you feel is most important to you that week and what’s come up.

What is your approach about and what does it include?

First up you are not broken and you do not need fixing.  Inside every women is the mother they truly want to be. My approach is about helping you become clear on how you want to turn up as a mother, what you want your experience of motherhood to be and then helping you come into full alignment with that vision.

I will help you get clear, focused and calm, we will work together to help you with specific parenting challenges you are having and how to resolve them. We’ll focus on helping you create and maintain the relationship with your children that you want to have, and we’ll work on creating balance in your life so you have room for other parts of yourself to grow.

In terms of aligned philosophies, my own mothering approach is one of connection parenting/attachment parenting, gentle discipline, and natural learning.  This is the knowledge I offer and suggestions that I make will be in alignment with these approaches.

I also believe there is a  energetic component to parenting so I do often explain concepts from that perspective in addition to the physical and emotional levels. I also believe that women can really step into their authentic power as mothers when they align with the feminine energy, or the feminine aspect of Spirit, Source, or whatever term works for you.

My signature system is about alignment and connection.  I believe motherhood is actually all about awareness through the heart. Your heart connects you to you child, your inner self, your high self and the divine feminine aspect of Source (whatever that is for you).


Who do you work with?

Mothers who are completely dedicated to being the best mother they can be.

My approach is about helping you connect with your own inner wisdom to find your answers. I will not tell you what to do, as that is your call to make.  However if you ask for my opinions or suggestions, my advice will be alignment with the philosophies of attachment parenting, gentle discipline, and natural learning, so I do often draw mothers to me for whom those practices resonate.

Do you only coach mothers specifically around parenting?

No, I coach mothers on all issues pertaining to finding joy and fulfillment in motherhood. I have coached clients on issues with life balance, fitting it all in, and personal development. I also run a signature program on starting or running a home based business as a mother – without compromising your commitment to your children and priority you hold around motherhood.

What will be expected of me if you become my coach?

I will expect that you really allow yourself to have the following if you move forward with this coaching: I will ask that you do your best to create sacred space around our interactions (typical our phone calls). This is working space that requires your focus and your energy to be present. The time involved is different for each program or service and I am well aware of how busy mothers are and how much needs to fit into each day. Typically even my top VIP platinum program with my one-to-one clients requires one 30-45min phone call once a week.

I will also expect you to commit to a self care routine which will never be more than 15mins a day – and we will build to that.

Lastly for a working coaching relationship to work I will expect authenticity and honesty and a willingness to work through the issues so that you can come out the other side free and clear.

What can you expect from me

  • Complete confidentiality, what we talk about in session stays in session
  • Support, acknowledgement understanding, and sisterhood
  • Truth, honesty and authenticity
  • Holding you in your higher self, holding that space for you even if you don’t always see it in yourself
  • Honest feedback, a sounding board


Who won’t this be suitable for?

This won’t be suitable for

  • A mother who wants to continually blame her child for all the problems and feels the only course of action to consider are ways to force the child to change.
  • Someone who doesn’t feel drawn to the concepts  of feminine energy/the sacred feminine in some way, or is not open to understanding and utilising that understanding of energy in their parenting.
  • A mother who wants to continue to rely on parenting practices that involving  smacking, shaming, yelling, punishment or using their position of power to keep a child pushed down.
  • Someone who is not willing to actually implement what comes up for them in coaching sessions and bring it into their day to day practices and parenting.

Does this really work?

Yes, absolutely it works. If you do the work, if you shift the direction you are coming from and choose another path, if you commit and recommit anytime you move off the path then yes, it will work.

It’s your natural birth right as a woman. Inside every woman is the mother they see as the perfect mother. She is there inside you, it is simply a matter of alignment with her so that she flows within you, through you and out of you. It is putting you back into your natural place of power. You will feel better, more confident, more calm, more joy, more energy and your relationship with your children will shift.  Your whole family dynamic will shift.

What sort of results can I expect to see?

You’re going to start enjoying being a mother, being with your children. You’re going to go to bed at night saying “l love being a mother”. You’re going to be calmer, grounded, more creative, more fulfilled.  You’re going to naturally have insights into how to make things work smoothly, how best to get everyone what they want in a situation. You’re relationship with your children is going shift, you’ll move into partnership with them and them with you.  You’ll feel heard, you’ll naturally hold a more authentic place of authority. They’ll want to interact with you, talk to you, gain your opinions.  You’ll know them.

And how might it look from the outside?  You’ll probably start hearing things like: “Wow I wish my children were as well behaved as yours”, “Your children are so joyful”, “You make it look so easy, your obviously a natural mother”, “I wish I had your patience”, “Gosh I wish my kids and I had the relationship that you have with your children”.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on a few things, the younger your children often the faster the changes happen, just a day or 2 and you’ll notice things changing, sometimes in just a few minutes! If you have a really disconnected relationship with yourself, with your feminine energy or with your children (older children especially) then it may take a little while for the changes on the inner to be reflected on the outer.  But we are talking weeks, not months or years, for you to start to notice changes.

I have no time, the children take all the time I have.

Mothering is a full time gig, I get that, as a homeschooling mum of 2 young children I do understand how incredibly precious time is and how time deprived so many of us feel.

Firstly I want to address that this is not “me time”- it will nourish you, it will revive you, reconnect you, it will give you space, it will re-establish your centre of peace and your creativity, it will give you sisterhood – but it is not in any shape or form an act that removes you from the family. It is not a selfish act. It is about skill acquisition and refinement at a fundamental level. You would up skill or train for pretty much any job on the planet, why should raising the next generation on the planet be any different (I’d argue it’s more important than nearly any job out there).

Gaining support, feedback and mentorship as you raise the next generation of our planet is not a self-indulgent act in any way, shape or form.

If you want another reason to consider coaching – this whole process leads to flow, grace, more ease, and interestingly – more time! 

Financially I can’t justify this for myself at this time in our lives

I understand what it’s like being on a single income with young children and a mortgage. I also know that family budgets change term to term and week to week in many cases. I offer a wide variety of services which I am continuing to grow. This gives you several options to dip into all at various prices.  I also offer installment payment options.  It truly is my mission to serve mothers.

One thing I do want to make clear is that finding your flow as a mother, getting into your groove, will have a huge impact on so many areas of your life.  Your relationship with your children obviously, your relationship with your partner, your own peace, the management of your home, your ability to contribute to the community or start a business. Your children’s lives as they grow and move into adulthood, what they take from you into their lives.

And what will it look like if you don’t get the support you need? What will you pass on to your children (they are learning all the time from you), what sort of relationship will you have, will they come to you in later years, will they consider you a mentor, will your relationship with your partner hold up to the stress and burn out of your mothering? Will you feel fulfilled in life, will you find the space to express other aspects of yourself, start a business, return to study?

Bottom line will you and your family flourish without some support? How much is having a flourishing happy home and children worth, and how close are you to this – that’s probably a good guide as to what level of my services you could consider dipping into.

I don’t know if this is really a priority for us now?

Only you can know what is a priority for you and your family now.

The trick is truly hearing your heart voice here (the voice of your higher self). There are a lot of voices in a mother’s head – “it should be natural, it shouldn’t require help, we can’t spend time and money on this, only wealthy people have coaches (not true by the way), what would I have to give up to fit this one more thing in, where would the time come from, where would the money come from” –  but the quiet one, the one deep inside that comes with knowing deep down inside – that is the heart voice and that is the voice to really listen to.

Consider asking yourself:  When is the right time for me to get support so that I can become the best mother I can be?  How would my children benefit right now if I became the mother I truly want to be?

I don’t know if I’m ready to get started – How can I try out your approach at low cost to see if it’s a fit for me?

A way to sample my approach is by subscribing to the fortnightly email newsletter which will provides you with a good feel for my approach.  I’ll share with you articles, resources, tips and processes to get you started and I’ll inspire you and encourage you on your journey every issue.

I also offer free gifts from time to time (one comes when you first subscribe to the newsletter). These will also give you a great taste of my work.

Subscribe to it on the top right of this page by signing up for the clarity and alignment mini-coaching program.


Okay, I’m ready to do this for myself and family – So how do we get started?

Take a look at the current offerings under the programs tab and see which sounds like a best fit for you. Each program or retreat typically has a one off complementary session offered before the program starts, places are limited but I offer these sessions as most of my offerings are invitation only and this allows us to “meet” and see if its a match for both of us. So when you find a program that feels right contact me and apply for the program’s discovery session.

Alternatively if you are interested in one-to-one private customised coaching, I do offer this service, however places are very limited. If you are interested, then contact me and we’ll arrange a time for a discovery session to see if my services are a match for you needs.

Oh and definitely subscribe to my newsletter as I do always offer pre-launch announcements to my tribe on all new programs and services.

I can’t wait to see you truly finding joy and ease in motherhood and am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get going!