Motherhood as a spiritual journey.

Wow the weather is crazy here tonight. In the space of fortnight or so we have gone from sweeping fires through the state to extensive flooding and cyclones,  so a typical Australian summer. Tonight it’s wild winds and heavy rain. It’s forecast to last for the week which means the frogs will actually take up residence in the constant huge puddles outside the front door. Calling and mating and leaving tadpoles in our driveway, definitely one of the perks, we like frogs.  What will be more challenging will be helping a 4 year old boy use up his current huge reserves of physical energy. 🙂

So what is tonight’s musing about?…

Motherhood as a spiritual journey.

It will be a huge life journey regardless but I believe it offers you access to a huge deep pool within yourself to explore, to heal, to set free and to embrace, to nurture, to amplify and to master. The unique relationship that is the mother-child journey offers us huge range and depth of experiences.  It is profound, and so beautiful in its richness and depth.

And what about what we model for our children, what gifts and life skills do we pass on?  We will inevitably pass on unconscious legacies both good and not so good for none of us is perfect, but which ones will we choose to actively and consciously pass on? One of the most powerful ways children learn is through modelling, they learn through observation, they also naturally mimic and emulate as a way of trying on the world and experiences of it. What do we choose consciously to show to them?

And what of the amazing gift of consciousness, presence and Inner Peace a spiritual practice brings, allowing you to truly access the deepest joys of motherhood.  And what of the side benefits of creating strong amazing relationships, partnerships, bringing ease and joy and natural flow and extension to parenting.

Ultimately I believe we owe it to our children to be the best mothers we can be and that includes embracing the conscious self aware path to help lead us there.

Women, through crossing the threshold into motherhood, when agreeing to the job, agree to nurture, support, grow and guide the next generation of the planet! This is no small thing, and while society may have forgotten that perspective, the universe hasn’t. Everything is balanced, so for great service also comes returning gifts.  For taking up such a responsibility, such a sacred duty.

There are so many gifts that it would take my lifetime to write about them all, so many little moments in the days, and more overarching experiences, so many shifts within who we are as a direct result. But one of these gifts is also the gift of the potential for huge personal growth, which then in turn, returns us as better mothers, better able to serve, consistently and deeply yet sustainably, with grounded calm but also with a sense of joy and fun. Gifts for ourselves and gifts for our children.

Why would we not explore this potential, this personal growth through the lens of motherhood, motherhood is not something that goes away, once initiated we are mothers forever, a part of us, and who we are. It will touch every part of us and our lives, and weigh in on every life choice we make.

It is one of the strongest, most obvious, and advantageous areas in our lives to have a spiritual contemplation and practice, consciousness, mindfulness, willingness to look inwards and take the journeys presented to us to grow. It is part of our act of service but also a perfectly divinely reciprocated gift to us as well.

Much love to you on this deeply raining summer evening. xx

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