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When I was a young teenager I remember my mum sitting with me one day, giving me a talk for something I had done (I can’t remember what) that had ended up causing inconvenience and disappointment. She said to me, “Lisa love, that’s your problem, you always think with your heart not your head”.  Was that really wrong? That’s just how i kinda operated – didn’t everyone? Apparently not. So i tried to change. From then on in my heart would be treated as an unreliable emotional source that steered me away from the well considered logically thought out path.

Well you know what I am here to tell you that is absolutely wrong!  As a mother disengaging your heart from the decision making process, from in fact the final vote, is just a complete and utter core loss to you, to your experience of motherhood, and to your child.

It takes from you the strongest richest way through which we can experience joy in motherhood.  It also robs us of our ability to access our greatest strengths and tools to allow us to truly mother our children – it cuts us off from our mother super powers.

Motherhood is actually all about awareness through the heart. Your heart connects you to you child, your inner self, your high self and the divine feminine energy.

more to come …..


Lisa is wise, gentle, intuitive and practical with a beautiful loving energy; she supports me with total acceptance and without judgement. Since I started coaching with Lisa I have gained so much clarity around not only the blocks and issues I have dealt with for years, but also around my life purpose, goals, dreams and plans. She helps me move forward with clarity and confidence. – Sandra, Victoria



Lisa is gorgeous and has so much to offer.  She is a really vibrant coach, both passionate and understanding. She has amazing knowledge and skills to share. Her sessions always brought me clarity and helped me move to new places I would never have gone without the gift of what she has to share. – Julie NSW



I could write an essay on all the things that has changed for me as a result of being coached by Lisa, my approach to my day has changed so much. My perspective on life, on my family, my children and my partner. I have become a lot more relaxed about trivial stuff. I have become more connected with myself, with my children and with my partner.- Rachel NSW

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