Because every mother deserves to experience motherhood from a place of joy and calm – and because every child deserves to be mothered from this space.

Welcome beautiful mama!

Do you feel overwhelmed, spread too thin, exhausted with nothing left to give at the end of the day?


Do you feel swallowed up by the never ending demands of motherhood, and that parts of yourself are fading away?


Do you struggle to parent moment to moment in a way that is in alignment with your values as a mother – and then feel guilt and failure afterwards?

Motherhood isn’t meant to be a struggle. 

What if instead  you could find true daily joy and empowerment in being a mother and being with your children. Imagine instead feeling calm, confident, grounded and centered in  your motherhood?

It is possible to have joyful relationships with your children that are heart-rich, strong and connected and hold a natural authentic place of authority that feels loving yet balanced.It is possible to still have something left to offer to other parts of your life. Motherhood should fulfill you, and enrich your life in profound and lasting ways, it should be a natural extension of who you are.

I’m not going to try and tell you it isn’t demanding and time consuming because it is, but it shouldn’t be a struggle, it shouldn’t leave you feeling drained, frazzled, exhausted, frustrated, angry, isolated, guilty… lacking.  It shouldn’t swallow you up till you feel that other parts of yourself are fading away, and it shouldn’t make your life feel smaller.

It can be different – it should be different!


  • You really find your feet as a mother, you know how to hear and trust your mother instinct, your heart, your gut.
  • You know how to access those mysterious gifts that some mothers naturally seem to know and use.
  • You know what your goals and values are as a mother and all your actions naturally flow out of you in alignment with this perspective.
  • Your energy is so much more balanced and plentiful that you’ve plenty spare to give to other areas of your life.

From this place your daily life now looks like a calm flow, its common-place that your children spontaneously tell you they love you,and cover you with cuddles and kisses, even your older children offer you hugs, thanks, and co-operation on a daily basis. You hold a natural loving place of authentic leadership.  You are so good at creative problem solving and understanding what’s going on for your children that you solve problems easily, often before they even become problems. You feel fulfilled, with energy left over at the end of the day to direct into other areas of your life, your partner, a business, study.

And lastly imagine hearing, as many of my clients do, comments like

  • I wish I had your patience. You make it look so easy, you’re obviously a natural mother
  • Gosh I wish my kids and i had the relationship that you have with your children
  • I don’t know how you do all you do and look so calm

 I invite you to change the way you are experiencing motherhood:

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